Recovery at Your Fingertips

Offering hand therapy, dry needling and manual therapy techniques in Opelousas & Carencro, LA

Whether you're healing from an accident or need post-surgical care, you'll find relief at
Lafleur Therapy Center. Our team offers holistic treatment options that combine lifestyle changes with specialist-guided procedures, like hand therapy and strength and conditioning training, to support long-term healing.

Discuss your concerns with our team, and we'll recommend the best service for you. Call now to arrange your consultation in Opelousas or Carencro, LA.

Incorporate Exercise in Your Treatment Plan

Get monitored strength and conditioning training at our center

Take advantage of our holistic treatment options

We offer treatment options that don't require surgery or medication. Come see us for:

Dry needling

Muscle pain treatment

Vestibular rehabilitation

Improved balance and mobility

Wound care after surgery or injury

We'll also show your caregivers how to support you during your recovery.

Why trust us with your wellness plan?

Find relief from chronic pain when you book a service with one of our specialists. Our clients turn to us for hand therapy or strength and conditioning because we:

  • Employ certified hand therapists
  • Rely on over 52 years of experience
  • Work with your primary care physician
  • Are one of the only centers in the area offering these services

You'll feel confident adding our holistic, medication-free treatment options to your recovery plan.

Contact our team now to schedule your service in Opelousas & Carencro, LA.