Dry Needling

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Find a Medication-Free Treatment Option for Chronic Pain

Set up a muscle pain treatment in Opelousas or Carencro, LA

Don't let chronic pain slow you down. Choose an alternative option for muscle pain when you schedule a dry needling service at Lafleur Therapy Center. This muscle pain treatment targets trigger points in the body and alleviates symptoms of myofascial, joint and spinal pain.

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You are more than chronic pain

You deserve to live a full and happy life. Gain control over chronic pain when you arrange a dry needling service. This treatment option is perfect for people with:

Carpel tunnel

Chronic migraines

Pelvic or spinal pain

Side effects from whiplash

Temporomandibular joint disorder

Side effects from post-herpetic neuralgia

If you are pregnant or afraid of needles, please seek other treatment options.

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